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Carol Willis

Carol Willis

Carol Willis started The Clapping Oak in 2016, a business that specializes in helping others communicate meaning and grow their influence. She creates and fine-tunes content such as blog posts and newsletters for clients and has edited books pre-publication. As a consultant and trainer, she leads communications-focused professional development opportunities for teams.

Additionally, Carol tutors students in writing and other language-based subjects. Her creative nature comes out to play with textiles. Some of her creations can be seen at her Etsy shop, also called The Clapping Oak.

Besides freelance writing and editing, Carol’s previous experience included education, journalism, and nonprofit development and communication. Yes, she’s a bit of a word nerd. but it’s about so much more than that. Her desire is to contribute to building a community where all may flourish. “We can learn from the trees,”she says. “They communicate at the root level in order to nurture each other, protect the health of the forest, and ensure future generations. When we do the same, our community gains strength and joy.”

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